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Care Management, LLC

Professional health navigation services

Hand in Hand Care Management is designed to help individuals and families navigate through several experiences such as a new or chronic illness or injury including:

  • all forms of dementia including Alzheimer's, Lewey-Body dementia, vascular dementia
  • heart disease 
  • respiratory disorders
  • neurological disorders such as stroke
  • PSP and Parkinson's. 
  • cancer
  • immunosuppressive disorders
  • recent falls
  • surgeries
  • kidney problems
  • ​ongoing functional decline

Services offered through Hand in Hand Care Management include:

  • Coordinating "aging in place" of long term care: keeping family members in the home with supportive measure. This process includes performing ongoing functional assessments, education, management of medications, and safety checks of the living environment. 
  • Easing the transition from hospital care or rehabilitation to home to include developing care goals to avoid costly readmissions
  • Accompanying individuals to doctor's appointments to coordinate better disease/care management
  • Helping to organize supportive services for persons with recent changes in functional abilities
  • Collaborating with home health care agencies to improve quality of life to include working with hired caregivers to ensure the preservation of your dignity and independence
  • Becoming the eyes and ears for family who are unable to have a daily presence
  • Introducing discussions regarding end-of-life care ​